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Prodigy Awards

The Education Foundation of Bloomington’s Prodigy Awards recognizes superb teamwork that improves the educational environment within Bloomington Public Schools. Nominations are submitted every year to recognize groups of colleagues that demonstrate outstanding teamwork in the following categories:

• Superb Administrative Teamwork (administrator and support staff) of schools and the District office. 

• Superb Staff Teamwork (all other non-administrative staff) may also include parents, students or community members as part of the group or from the District office.

Prodigy Award Purpose and Eligibility

The purpose of Prodigy Awards is to recognize team efforts in creating a positive and safe learning environment for students and staff.

• EFB encourages staff to become connected to one another. The more we care about each other, the more our environment improves. Staff is more likely to contribute in the workplace and students will benefit from the caring environment.

• EFB values the “Super Team” concept over individual staff recognition, and wishes to acknowledge staff who create a “super classroom” or “work environment” for staff and students. Please include ALL members of the team/department in entry submissions. No team member should be excluded in the nomination.

Prodigy Award Recipients

The application for our 2020 Prodigy Awards will be available later this year.

The Prodigy Award for Superb Staff Team goes to the Metro South Registration & Testing Team of Judy Bergstreser, Marylynn Dvorak, Jill Lynch, Marni Anderson and Shelley Mattson.  This team works with diverse students from various backgrounds and age groups and always looks for ways to improve efficiencies within Metro South without sacrificing educational quality. They are open to suggestions and communicate well with one another and strives to do all they can to help Metro South students succeed. 

The Prodigy Award for Outstanding Administrative Team goes to the Kennedy Community Alliance Team.  The team of Carol Kampa, Melissa Riebel, Dean of Student, counselors, social workers, advocates and the school nurse supports students academically and emotionally, providing clothing, hygiene products, food and funds to join extracurricular activities. Every member of this team has an important role in supporting both students and families in need in the Kennedy High School community.  

The Jefferson Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) of Kristen Wetzel, Quinton Johnson, and Dave Mousel is our third Prodigy Award winning team.  This team completely overhauled the way discipline is handled at JHS. The team works to focus on proactive strategies for discipline instead of the traditional reactive, a change that took time and determination to manage as both staff and students had to buy into the change.  The team continues to work tirelessly to produce positive results while maintaining trust from all stakeholders.

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