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Educational Program Stipend Requests

Student Success Stipends

The Education Foundation of Bloomington is in the business of helping students – before, during and after they sit down in a classroom. We care that students are ready and excited about learning. Through our Student Success Stipends program, we offer students, who don't have the economic means the opportunities to participate in learning. In fact, we gave over $60,000 of financial assistance to students in recent years. We have helped students obtain their school supplies, winter clothes as well as bus passes. We also fund extracurricular activities like music lessons, theater, and academic enrichment opportunities.  We help students and teachers with field trip assistance as well. When students have access to learning opportunities, it boosts self-esteem and helps them feel good about school.

A few examples of the many programs funded by our Student Success Stipends:


We provide scholarships for our summer programming, SLAM (Summer of Laughs, Adventures and More). This helps many children who otherwise might not be able to participate in this enriching summer experience. We will use proceeds from the golf tournament for this program, and part of those funds will be matched by the Bloomington Community Education Department.

Washington, DC Trip

The Education Foundation has supported our middle school Close-Up field trip.  This field trip takes 7th graders to Washingon DC so they can experience our United States Government and it's processed first hand.  This is an amazing opportunity for students.  We have offered stipends to financially support students who may need assistance in order to ensure this opportunity is available to all of our students.

Bloomington Community Education Department

Because of the close relationship the Bloomington Community Education Department has with our students, they truly have the ability to identify those who want to participate in extracurricular activities but may not have the financial means necessary to participate. During the 2018-2019 school year, we sponsored over 30 students identified by Community Education so that they could attend summer band camp, participate in the summer musical, join the after school chess club, and receive music lessons.

Camp Invention

The EFB's stipend program has also supported students that want to attend our science-based summer camp, Camp Invention.  We have been able to support multiple students so they are able to attend this week-long fun, educational camp.

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